Buck U


When people ask if I have a university degree, I just smile and say I got my Master's in Music at Buck U... The University of Buck Owens, with a major in West Coast Country Music.

01. I'm Gonna Have Love
02. The Key's In The Mailbox
03. Achin' Breakin' Heart featuring Aaron Sklar
04. Darlin' Your Stronger Than Me
05. Big Big Love
06. Face To The Wall
07. Somewhere Between
08. Cajun Fiddle / Toomaray Tomaray
09. Heart Over Mind
10. I'm Looking For My Mind featuring Aaron Sklar
11. Second Fiddle featuring Aaron Sklar
12. I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
13. Playboy
14. I Never Go Around Mirrors featuring Aaron Sklar
15. You're Still On My Mind
16. I Don't Care
17. A Letter From My Kid