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Complete Polka CD Bundle


Get the entire collection of Walter Ostanek and the Western Senators albums all for the low price of $99.99!

When you order the bundle you'll save over $79 off of the normal price of the individual albums..

You'll get:

- Forever Frankie
- Dueling Polkas
- Sweet Marie and Other Treats
- Polkarama Volume 01: Strictly for Polkaholics
- Polkarama Volume 02: Let's Have a Polka Party
- Polkarama Volume 03: Polkamania
- Polkarama Volume 04: Freshly Squeezed
- Polkarama Volume 05: You Polka, You Brought Her!
- Polkarama Volume 06: This One's For The Ladies
- Polkarama Volume 07: Polkas from the Road!
- 33 1/3 Anniversary Collection
- Best of the Senators