This is the ultimate fan package.

With the POLKAMANIAC Bundle you'll get all 92 episodes from all 8 Seasons of the hit television show PolkaRama, starring Canada's Polka King and three-time Grammy winner Walter Ostanek and Canada's Grammy nominated Polka Band, The Western Senators. Plus, you'll also get the entire collection of Walter Ostanek and the Western Senators albums all for the low price of $399.99!

By ordering it as a bundle you'll save over $249 off of the normal price for the individual seasons and albums.

You'll get:

- All 8 seasons of PolkaRama on DVD

Plus the Western Senators/Walter Ostanek albums:

- Forever Frankie
- Dueling Polkas
- Sweet Marie and Other Treats
- Polkarama Volume 01: Strictly for Polkaholics
- Polkarama Volume 02: Let's Have a Polka Party
- Polkarama Volume 03: Polkamania
- Polkarama Volume 04: Freshly Squeezed
- Polkarama Volume 05: You Polka, You Brought Her!
- Polkarama Volume 06: This One's For The Ladies
- Polkarama Volume 07: Polkas from the Road!
- 33 1/3 Anniversary Collection
- Best of the Senators