Not Suitable for Airplay - Tex Pistols


The Tex Pistols first recording was engineered by Michelle Gariuk (Los Angeles) and achieved great success here and abroad. Awarded best album by the SCMA, it continues to receive airplay on radio stations across Europe.

1. Barmaid In The Honky-Tonk Downstairs
2. Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare
Krishna Beauregard
3. I Don't Hurt Anymore
4. Cheap Talk -Alexis Leippi on vocals
5. Choo-Choo Boogie
6. Crazy World -Aaron Sklar on vocals
7. Shuffle-itis
8. Two Timing Daddy -Alexis Leippi on vocals
9. Bayou Degradable
10. It Keeps Right on Hurtin'
11. Leaving On Your Mind -Alexis Leippi on vocals
12. Little Heart -Aaron Sklar on vocals
13. Something I Don't Need
14. Rodeo Red's
15. More Than You Deserve
16. The Fan