PolkaRama Season 6 Episodes 1-4 DVD


Show 1
Chicagoland Twirl, Laendler #7, Hi-Li Hi-Lo Polka, Perme's Polka, Odds and Ends, Wabash Cannonball, Barking Dog Polka, Safeway Waltza

Show 2
Euclid Vets Polka, Mary Joe Waltz, Let's Have a Party, Oom Pa Pa Polka, Deep Water, Tall Tall Trees, In the Navy Polka, Crooked Stovepipe, Over Three Hills.

Show 3
Clarinet Polka, Emily's Waltz,Rendezvous Polka, Over Three Hills Waltz, Whiskey River, Joys of Quebec,Cleveland Polka, Orphan Waltz.

Show 4
Schultz's Polka, Twilite Waltz, Dance Dance Dance, La Golondrina, I'll Go Down Swinging, Guitar Boogie, Question and Answer P, No Beer Today.