AAIIEE!! is a collection of the Tex Pistols most requested songs, up tempo and energetic...why would you want it any other way? The bonus track is a medley of 12 Buck Owens favorites arranged by the Tex Pistols themselves.

1. Big Mammou
2. Diggy Liggy Lo
3. Smoke that Cigarette -Wayne Kuntz on vocals
4. Uncle Pen
5. What If -Aaron Sklar on vocals
6. Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me
7. Old Slewfoot
8. These Crazy Arms of Mine
9. Big Yellow Taxi -Aaron Sklar on vocals
10. Colinda
11. Alligator Man
12. Lone Star State of Mind
13. What a Liar I am
**Bonus Track - 12 Bucks